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Franchise for Sale South Africa

"Be Your Own Boss - Own a WUBER Piggie Piggie Franchise Today!"

R250K Investment

"Be Your Own Boss - Own a WUBER Piggie Piggie Franchise Today!"

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"The Ride of the Future is Here. Own Your Piece of It."

"Thinking retirement is a rocking chair on a porch somewhere? Not us! And if that's not your scene either, welcome aboard! Looking for your next big adventure (and some financial freedom to fuel it)? Perhaps you dream of sailing the seven seas with your sweetheart (or conquering Mount Kilimanjaro solo, no judgment!). Whatever your wildest retirement goals (or even just some extra cash for weekend getaways), a 'WUBER Piggie Piggie Franchise' is your ticket to making them a reality. This isn't just a business opportunity, it's a chance to change your world (and maybe the world of a few important people to you along the way!)."

What is the key Franchisee Benefits?
Huge Eraning Potential as a WUBER Piggie Piggie Franchisee
A clock with a piglet stretching out it's hands indicating flexible hours
A Piglet holding a smartphone or a tablet or computer screen of some sort, depicting cutti
A group of white and colored people connected (Community support) with a piglet smiling in

Small Investment Lifelong Earning Potential

Flexible Hours

Cutting Edge Technology

Community Support

"Big taxi companies ignoring your town? We feel you! Forget waiting for rides in small towns – we're the UBER alternative that rolls where they won't. How? Meet 'Piggie Piggie', our awesome three-wheeled tuk-tuk! Smaller, nimbler, and way more budget-friendly than a car, it's the perfect match for tight streets and tighter wallets." This plucky little tuk-tuk conquers narrow roads, saves you cash, and proves that good things come in small, quirky packages. "Think Uber-level convenience, but with 'Piggie Piggie' our fuel-efficient, super-maneuverable tuk-tuk. It's your key to affordable, reliable transport in those forgotten corners of the World."

"Are You Ready to Build Your Own Future?"

"WUBER Piggie Piggie provides the platform, the cutting edge technology, a World Class system!

We created the system, you create you, your success story"

"Transform Your Work Life: Build Your Own Success with WUBER Piggie Piggie". Leave limitations behind. Drive your own future. Build something remarkable. Be your own boss."
They'll love you for it!

Own the Future of Urban Mobility!
Be a WUBER Piggie Piggie Franchisee!

The future of small town's travel is here, why should the cities have all the fun. We are compact, convenient, and community-driven!

WUBER Piggie Piggie is a revolutionary franchise opportunity that lets you become a leader in the micro-ride revolution.  Forget grocery deliveries - imagine offering on-demand transport for people who need a quick, affordable, and eco-friendly way to get around town.

Very importantly, we acknowledge the presence of established e-hailing services in urban areas (cities). However, our focus is on addressing the transportation gap in underserved small towns and rural communities. These regions also have a critical need for reliable and accessible ride-hailing options.

Be the Speedy Savior of Short Trips, that is our Mission!

Unlike traditional UBER services, Piggie Piggie focuses on short-distance trips with maximum efficiency.  Our iconic 3-wheeled scooters also known as Tuck-Tucks or Auto Rickshaws weaves through traffic with ease, guaranteeing faster pickups and quicker drop-offs – perfect for zipping across town or conquering congested streets.

More Than Just a Ride, It's a Community Connection!

As a Piggie Piggie franchisee, you'll be more than just a ride provider. You'll be a vital part of your community, connecting people to their destinations while reducing urban congestion.  This is your chance to build a thriving business while making a positive impact on your town or city's future.

Ready to Steer Your Own Course?

If you're a visionary leader with a passion for innovation, the WUBER Piggie Piggie franchise promises an exciting future.  Join us and be the driving force behind a faster, greener, and more connected tomorrow.  Let's discuss how you can become a pioneer in micro-mobility and unlock your entrepreneurial potential.

You've made it this far! Looks like you're really checking us out, sweet – awesome! Consider this your first step towards a whole new adventure.  Ready to ditch the daily grind and join our crew?

We're a band of humble, hardworking folks navigating the wild landscape of South Africa, just like you.

Think of us as your support system, your financial lifeboat! We're not just about making a buck; we're about building something real, something that gives you genuine value and a whole lot more breathing room. Oh, and don't sweat the price tag – our franchise is designed to be friendly on your wallet, and we even have financing to help you spread the cost!

Brief explanation of what makes up the platform / software, in other words, what are you buying under license with the Franchise! Our software makes use of AI technology, to safe time, to safe money!

WUBER is driven by a commitment to relentless innovation. Our apps and website leverage state-of-the-art technology, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the ride-hailing industry, and our apps and website is testimony of this commitment.

1. User App:

  Passengers use the app to:

       Set their pickup and drop-off locations.
       See estimated fare prices before booking.
       View driver details and track their arrival on a map.
       Select payment methods and manage ride history.
  The app uses GPS to pinpoint the user's location and connect them with available drivers nearby.

2. Driver App:

  Drivers use the app to:

       See ride requests in their vicinity.
       Accept or reject rides based on location, fare, or other preferences.
       Navigate to the pickup location using in-app GPS and maps.
       Collect fares electronically or manage cash payments (depending on the service).
       Communicate with passengers through the app (texts or calls).

3. Matching Algorithm:

  The heart of the system lies in the matching algorithm. It considers various factors to connect riders with drivers efficiently:
       Passenger location and requested destination.
       Driver location and availability.
       Traffic conditions and estimated trip time.
       Driver's rating and past performance.

4. Fare Calculation Engine:

  This engine determines the fare for each ride based on a pre-defined formula. It typically factors in:
       Base fare - a fixed amount for starting the ride.
       Distance traveled during the trip.
       Time spent in the ride (to account for traffic delays).
       Surge pricing (increased fares during peak demand times).

5. Payment Processing System:

  Riders can link their credit cards or debit cards to the app for seamless electronic payments.

  The system securely processes payments, deducts commissions for the e-hailing service, and transfers remaining earnings to drivers.

6. Communication and Feedback System:

  The app facilitates two-way communication between riders and drivers.

  After each ride, both parties can provide ratings and feedback to ensure quality service and improve the overall experience.

7.  Admin Panel and Analytics:

 WUBER E-hailing software have a dedicated admin panel for:
Monitoring system performance and managing resources.
       Analyzing data on ridership, driver activity, and trip patterns.
       Identifying areas for improvement and strategizing growth plans.

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Current Outlook

Be a Pioneer in Micro-Mobility: WUBER Piggie Piggie is a groundbreaking franchise opportunity, and right now is the prime time to join our exciting journey. As we're still in the early stages of growth, you have the unique advantage of securing prime territories throughout South Africa.


Imagine being the first to bring the convenience and eco-friendliness of Piggie Piggie rides to vibrant student towns like Stellenbosch! With a limited number of franchises available per area, don't miss this chance to become a leader in the micro-mobility revolution and shape the future of transportation in your community. A deposit of R10,000 will reserve your town. First come, first served! The best locations are up for grabs, but they won't be on offer for long. Act now and become a WUBER Piggie Piggie franchisee, complete the form below and you will receive an email with further instructions!

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Investment Specifics

Unveiling the WUBER Piggie Piggie Franchise Financials: Fees and Royalties Explained!

Transparency is key to a successful franchise partnership. Here's a breakdown of the financial aspects of owning a WUBER Piggie Piggie franchise:

Initial Investment:

  • This will cover the costs associated with setting up your franchise, including:

    • Initial Marketing and Branding Materials: Your initial supply of marketing materials, signage, and anything specific to establishing your local WUBER Piggie Piggie presence.

    • Vehicle Acquisition (or Conversion Costs): Depending on the model, you might need to purchase specially-equipped three-wheeler vehicles or convert existing ones to meet WUBER Piggie Piggie specifications.

    • Operational Software: There may be a cost associated with the WUBER Piggie Piggie app and any related software needed for managing your franchise operations.

  • Local Licenses and Permits: Costs associated with obtaining any necessary local business licenses and permits for operating a ride-hailing service.

  • Franchise Fee: A one-time fee that grants you the license to operate a WUBER Piggie Piggie franchise in your designated territory.


WUBER Piggie Piggie will provide you with:

  • Detailed Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD): This document will provide a comprehensive breakdown of all initial investment costs, along with ongoing fees associated with running your franchise.



  • Royalties are ongoing fees paid by the franchisee to the franchisor (WUBER Piggie Piggie) as a percentage of their gross revenue. This fee structure incentivizes franchisee success as WUBER Piggie Piggie benefits from your growth.

  • The exact royalty percentage will be clearly outlined in the FDD. It typically covers:

    • Use of the WUBER Piggie Piggie brand name, trademarks, and proprietary technology.

    • Ongoing support from WUBER Piggie Piggie, including marketing assistance, operational guidance, and access to technological updates.


Transparency and Open Communication:


WUBER Piggie Piggie is committed to transparency. During the discovery process, we will provide you with all the necessary financial information to make an informed decision. We want you to be successful, and a clear understanding of the investment costs is crucial for your long-term planning, and trust building.


Next Steps:


For a personalized breakdown of the investment costs and royalty structure that applies to your specific situation, feel free to contact us directly, by completing the form below. We'll be happy to answer any questions and provide you with a detailed Franchise Information Package that outlines everything you need to know.

In Conclusion:

WUBER Piggie Piggie isn't just a franchise opportunity, it's a launchpad for dreamers and a springboard for community progress.


"Your R250,000 investment unlocks a lifetime license to operate WUBER Piggie Piggie in your town. This covers the cost of establishing your branch, providing you with state-of-the-art assets like our iconic Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw vehicles (three included!). You also immediately gain access to our unique WUBER Piggie Piggie e-hailing platform (Android App), a world-class application with a user-friendly interface similar to Uber and Bolt.


These assets remain the property of the company, ensuring quality, while you gain the right to operate them and build a successful business."


We're searching for visionary leaders – those who yearn to push boundaries and revolutionize the way their town travels. If you see yourself at the forefront of micro-mobility, shaping a sustainable future, and building a thriving business – then we want to hear from you. This isn't just about filling out a form; it's about joining a movement. Are you ready to take flight with WUBER Piggie Piggie?


Test drive the app and see for yourself, this isn't just a ride, it's a revolution!

Feel the thrill of game-changing transport tech in the palm of your hand. You're not just getting a ride, you're owning the future."

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WUBER Piggie Piggie Franchise Inquiry Questionnaire for prospective Franchisees. Please complete below form & we will contact you!

Still need that last little bit of motivation or maybe just a little bit more information, do not forget to read our Blog posted back in 2023! Here is the link:

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